Pet Insurance Comparison

Petcare Insurance - Protecting Your Pet's Health

Petcare insurance is an easy way to make sure that if something bad happens to your pet, you will be able to take care of him or her. It’s sad but true; most of us that have pets simply cannot afford vet bills that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. People have less money in the bank these days than they did before, so petcare insurance really helps alleviate the cost of your companion’s veterinary bills.

Vet Bills Are More Expensive Than Ever

Petcare insurance from a company like Sheltercare, Banfield, VPI, Petplan or ASPCA Pet Insurance is a good investment for a few reasons. First and most obviously, it is great to have something to fall back on if you don’t have a lot of money saved up for dog and cat emergencies. Paying the relatively small petcare insurance premium cost is much preferable to most people versus paying a vet bill that can cost thousands of dollars.

It’s a lot easier to buy petcare insurance when your pet is younger. Just like with human health care insurance, providers are more concerned about older individuals with pre-existing conditions. In the case of dogs and cats, for example, any animals over 10 years old is generally considered too much of a risk. If your pet is young but already has health problems, you will also find it difficult to get pet health insurance for dogs and cats at a reasonable cost.

As you can see, petcare insurance is very similar to our own health insurance with respect to how it functions. How much you pay for petcare insurance hinges on the company you’re dealing with and you and your pet’s particular needs. Petcare insurance may cost you more up-front, but overall you will be paying less over the lifetime of your pet.

Before you buy any petcare insurance, you will have to have your pet examined by a veterinarian that can give you a report about your pet’s health. You will have to give this veterinary report to your petcare insurance company before you can get pet insurance cover.

These days, the insurance market is vibrant with competition. No matter what you are insuring, you have to shop around, including petcare insurance. Most of us view our pet as a member of our family; would you let a member of your family go without some form of pet insurance program if you could afford it? Of course not! Insuring your pet not only protects them, but also gives you peace of mind.