Pet Insurance Comparison

Pet Insurance

The ability to share your home with a dog or cat is truly one of the greatest joys in life. They offer you everything from love and loyalty, to companionship and protection. So it's not surprising that they easily win their way into our hearts as part of the family. However, our pets are also just as likely as our other loved ones to become ill or to be involved in an accident, and in a few cases even more so.

By falling down the stairs, to having allergies, to car accidents and to cancer, our pets will frequently need the medical expertise of a veterinarian, and during those times, the last thing you will want to think about is money. And that's why veterinarian pet insurance plans offer you the opportunity to manage any risk associated with a pet's medical issues through the provision of an assortment of flexible and affordable pet insurance policies, from companies like Vet Pet Direct, VPI Pet Insurance, ASPCA and Petplan Pet Insurance.

Pet Insurance will help you get through all of the ups and downs in your pet's life. You will be able to depend on it during your times of need. All you need to do to start the process of getting a comprehensive dog and cat insurance policy is to start comparing plans between companies and look at their free, no obligation online pet insurance quotes.

How much will pet health insurance cover?

Pet health insurance plans can range from basic to deluxe, and the coverage will vary from one plan to another. Generally, pet insurance plans are developed with a deductible that can range from $100 to a considerably higher amount. Just like a human "fee-for-service" or indemnity insurance model, pet plans will provide an 80% reimbursement for any covered expenses.

Plans will likely not pay for any cosmetic procedures, however. For example, ear crops, which are often performed on show dogs, likely won't be covered unless they are medically required. The plans that are offered online will often include a schedule of coverage.

How can you find a reliable pet insurance policy provider?

A good first step is to ask your vet to recommend a plan. The are not permitted to sell any pet insurance, so you won't have to worry about them pushing their plan on you. Your veterinarian will probably recommend a plan to you that other clients have used successfully.

As of now, there is no single organization that sets any standards or policy for pet health insurance, but plans will still be regulated from state to state by the state attorney general's office. You can call your state attorney general's office and ask them if they have received any complaints against the company or companies you are thinking about. You can also ask other individuals that already have a pet insurance plan about their experiences.