Pet Insurance Comparison

Veterinary Pet Insurance - Protection for Your Companion

These days, rising veterinary costs have caused a sea change in the field. More and more pet owners are investing in veterinary pet insurance -- such as dog, cat and equine insurance -- to help with these costs and to offset the impact they can have on their wallets. Veterinary pet insurance essentially functions like the health insurance you would get for yourself or your family, except as animal life insurance.

During an emergency, pet owners without a lot of money are often faced with a difficult decision between saving money and paying for one’s beloved companion’s medical treatment. If you have veterinary pet insurance, on the other hand, you know that most of the cost will be absorbed by another party -- though it works a little different than human health insurance in that usually your credit card will be charged and the pet insurance company, such as Vet Pet Direct or VPI Pet Insurance, will reimburse you.

Your Primary Choices

In general, you first have three choices when it comes to veterinary pet insurance.

1. First, there is the most affordable coverage for veterinary care for dogs and cats, which insures you against accidents such as getting hit by a car (which is very common as you probably already know).

Treatment for such accidents mostly will be covered by your veterinary pet insurance, leaving you with a co-pay of 10-20%. Any followup vet visits and medication are usually covered as well.

2. Next you have illness and accidental veterinary pet insurance. Illness and accidental pet health insurance is the same as the aforementioned insurance, but it also (obviously) covers any sickness that your pet may come down with.

Any medical tests and medication that you need for your pet are covered in such a policy. In this case, you should look to pay about twice as much as you would for simple accident coverage. On average, accidental will cost you $10/month and accidental and illness runs about $20/month.

3. The last kind of veterinarian pet insurance is the most far reaching. Such a plan usually costs anywhere from $30 to $100 per month, depending on what kind of pet you have and the depth of pet medical insurance coverage.

These plans, of course, include the aforementioned illness and accident coverage but also cover checkups, neutering and spaying, and sometimes long term care.

It may go without saying, but always thoroughly look into the veterinary care insurance provider and the plan to make sure that it is the real deal that it will cover exactly what you need so that when it comes time to file a claim with your veterinary pet insurance company you are covered if you need to go to the animal hospital. Try checking out the VPI Pet HealthZone to learn more.