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Pets are a very important addition to the every day lives of millions of people. Studies show that over 70 million dogs and 80 million cats are living as household pets all over the United States. Almost two-thirds of all homeowners own domestic pets, which is double the amount of homes with children. In reality, most pet owners now think about their pets as family members or companions, a large step away from the time period when animals were just considered property.

The love that pet owners have for their four-legged members of the family is not all talk either; it is as real as the many millions of dollars they spend on pet supplies and veterinary care each year. That includes paying for anything from healthy food and comfortable shelter to frequent vet check-ups and vaccinations, preventative flea, heartworm, and tick treatment, activities and toys, grooming, and personal pet sitting services. All of this demonstrates that pet owners want to offer the best care for their dogs and cats and are fully prepared to do everything they can to keep them both happy and healthy.

Pet insurance is just one more way that loving pet owners can use to take care of their family members that just happen to be dogs and cats. Much like human beings, animals can also get sick or injured. Even with the utmost loving care and the best effort at providing preventative steps, unforeseen illnesses and accidents can still occur.

Pet health insurance can assist pet owners in protecting their dogs and cats by helping them to cover any unexpected veterinary costs. Although medical pet insurance is more widespread in other countries like Australia, Canada and the UK, it is starting to slowly gain popularity in the United States.

We hope our articles below and throughout this site will help you learn everything you need to know about your pet insurance options and the large variety of health insurance plans that are available to help you provide the best veterinary care for your dog or cat when it is most needed.

  • Pet Insurance Australia
    There are options available to help with the cost of keeping your pet fit and healthy. The first option is pet insurance Australia, from a company like Hollard Pet Insurance.
  • Pet Insurance Canada
    The problem that arises with cheap pet insurance in Canada is that it usually only covers emergency care.